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Welcome to Cochise Stud Ireland, where we are dedicated to providing comprehensive Ground-Up Horsemanship clinics with our experienced instructor, AQHA Professional Derek O'Byrne White. Whether you're a seasoned horse enthusiast or a beginner, our half-day clinics cater to individuals or groups of up to 5 participants.

Our Offerings:

  1. Ground-Up Horsemanship Clinics:

  • Tailored for all skill levels.

  • Focus on establishing a strong foundation in horsemanship.

  • Covering ground manners, communication, and building a trusting partnership with your horse.

  1. One-on-One Sessions:

  • Personalized coaching with Derek O'Byrne White.

  • Receive individual attention and guidance to address specific goals and challenges.

  1. Group Sessions (Up to 5 participants):

  • Small group dynamics for a shared learning experience.

  • Foster camaraderie among participants.

  1. On-Site Clinics:

  • We bring our expertise to your venue.

  • Utilize your horses for a hands-on and familiar learning environment.

  1. Teambuilding Workshops:

  • Ideal for companies seeking unique teambuilding experiences.

  • Learn the parallels between horsemanship and effective teamwork.

  • Enhance communication, collaboration, and leadership skills.

  1. Equine Facilitated Learning:

  • Explore the importance of leadership and earning respect.

  • Delve into our training concept: "Are you a manager, or is it just your title?"

  • Apply lessons learned with horses to professional and personal development.

Contact Us: For more information or to book a clinic, feel free to reach out to us through the following channels:

Transform your horsemanship skills, strengthen teamwork, and discover the true essence of leadership with Cochise Stud Ireland. We look forward to embarking on this horsemanship journey with you!

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